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Where is the park suitable for


Where is the park suitable for?

For those who want to open a store and start a business, the direction of the business and the choice of franchise brands are very important, but don't neglect the location of the store address. Everyone who sets up shop and does business is to make a profit and realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Therefore, when opening a store, master the correct method of selecting the location of the children's playground, then successful profitability will not be far from all of us.
1. The community

There are three types of communities: old communities, young communities, and new communities.

Old community: The population is aging. Now most young parents don’t have enough time to take care of their children. Most of the children are brought by grandparents. Therefore, there are many potential customers in this type of community. In addition, grandparents love their children and they are willing to pay for their children. . However, the consumption concept of the elderly is relatively backward, and the price should not be too high.

Young communities: residential areas built after 2000, with the coexistence of the old, the young and the young, the population is balanced, the diversified consumption needs, and the consumption capacity of this type of community is stable; it is a more suitable indoor children's amusement park.

New communities: The communities built after 2010 are mostly dominated by young people, with a large number of children, more cultural life and outdoor activities, and strong spending power. Such target customers have high requirements, and operation management needs to be done in the later stage.

The advantage of the community is that the rent level is relatively low, the investment threshold is low, and it is suitable for entrepreneurs with limited funds; the disadvantage is that the number of customer groups is limited, not as popular as shopping malls.

2. Shopping mall

Shopping malls are divided into comprehensive shopping malls, rental malls and supermarket shopping malls.

Comprehensive shopping malls are generally classified clearly, integrated with eating, drinking and playing, are more popular, and there are separate floors for children's areas, which are ideal venues for children's playgrounds. The target customers of comprehensive shopping malls have high consumption levels and don't care about the price. They only care whether the children's playground is fun or not, and the services are not in place. It is suitable for entrepreneurs with sufficient funds to open higher-end children's playgrounds.

Rental malls are generally just starting to lease, and the cost is not too high. Once the investment is successful, they will be very popular, and they are also ideal venues for children's playgrounds.

Supermarket-type shopping malls are generally very popular, but it is difficult to settle in, and they have certain requirements for brands. It is more suitable for franchised children's playgrounds with brand support.

The advantage of shopping malls is that they are popular and the customers have strong financial capabilities, so there is no need to worry about the later income; the disadvantage is that the investment amount is larger, and it is more suitable for entrepreneurs with abundant funds.

3. Near the school

Near schools such as kindergartens and elementary schools, this is the area closer to the target customers. The passenger flow is sufficient and the rent is appropriate. However, due to the sufficient passenger flow, the site area should not be too small. Many schools are in remote locations and it is difficult to find a suitable venue nearby.

Whether it is in the community or near the shopping mall and school, the flow of people is very large. You can start from your own economic strength and see where to open the store.