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90% of park operators have made these mistakes


90% of park operators have made these mistakes

In recent years, the indoor children's playground can be regarded as a sweet pastry in the investment industry. The broad market prospects and good industry development trend have won the favor and enthusiasm of many investors. Many lucky people have also made the first pot of gold in their lives through the indoor children's playground.

But there are also many park entrepreneurs who set up businesses on their own. Due to insufficient previous experience, they stepped on a lot of pits. In the later stage, they either struggled to support them or they could only close their doors to stop losses. So, in the operation of indoor children's playground, what mistakes are easy for operators to make? Let’s take a look at it:
1. Choose amusement equipment blindly follow suit
Some entrepreneurs do not know much about amusement equipment due to lack of experience, and do not know which amusement equipment is more attractive to children. Therefore, when choosing amusement equipment, they must either look for the popular amusement equipment or look at other parks around them. He also chooses which amusement equipment is available, which can easily lead to homogeneous competition.

As the saying goes: What suits you is the best. Before choosing to buy amusement equipment, entrepreneurs should investigate the surrounding market, such as target customer age group, favorite preferences, etc., and then choose different styles and types of amusement equipment according to their actual conditions to achieve differentiation. Only in this way can we have an advantage in the fierce market competition.

2. Ticket pricing is unscientific
Some entrepreneurs have also visited many children’s parks and saw that they set this price for their tickets, and they followed suit, but they did not take into account the local economic development level and the positioning of their parks, either the price was too high and not many people came to play. ; Either the price is too low and the return of funds is slow.

There are also some operators who set prices too low in order to attract customers and cannot maintain profit margins; some have set prices too high in order to maintain profits and lack market competitiveness; and some in order to increase revenue, resulting in the games included in the tickets. There are too few items, too many charge items, etc., which are very unfavorable to the operation of indoor children's parks.

Therefore, when setting prices, we must carefully consider and consider carefully. In response to the comprehensive consideration of various factors such as the consumption level of the target customer group, the average level of the industry, the input cost and the operating cost, a scientific and reasonable ticket price can be established by both parties.

3. Not paying attention to the maintenance of member customers

In the eyes of most indoor children's park operators, after the parents have completed the card, they have already completed their goals. Therefore, in the later stage, they will focus on persuading new customers to apply for a card, and they will not pay so much attention to the maintenance of member customers, or even neglect it.

As a result, it has led to a large loss of membership card customers, and one-shot transactions have become the norm. Over time, the indoor children's playground will appear unsustainable business scenes.

Here, I hope everyone can understand that the target customers of the indoor children's playground are mainly children from the surrounding communities, and this customer group is stable. If we can successfully develop every child who comes to our park's long-term customer. In this way, we have a group of loyal and old customers in order to continue to operate and develop.

If the maintenance is not good, you will find that old customers are constantly losing, but there are fewer and fewer new customers that can be developed, and the business will naturally get worse and worse. The short board theory says: how much water a wooden bucket can hold depends on the shortest board.

For the operation of indoor children's parks, random selection of locations, blindly following the trend of purchasing amusement equipment, and failure to maintain membership card customers, etc., may become shortcomings that affect the ultimate profitability of indoor children's parks. As operators of indoor children's playgrounds, we can only avoid these shortcomings and win the success of our business if we are careful, and make every decision with our heart.