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The selling point of unpowered equipment


The selling point of unpowered equipment

Long ago, unpowered amusement equipment appeared in our daily squares and schools as a selling point of "exercise". Now, as people pay more and more attention to their physical fitness, unpowered amusement equipment is more widely used. Not only in squares and schools, but also in shopping malls, communities, scenic spots and other places. What is it that makes unpowered amusement equipment become "frequent visitors" in these places, and what are the selling points of unpowered amusement equipment?

1. Drainage is the fundamental goal
Now with the promotion of the three-child policy, family parent-child travel projects are very prosperous. The original intention of unpowered amusement equipment is to take children as the core and drive children and parents to interact with each other. It provides sufficient climbing, slides, swings and other projects. It satisfies the child's playful nature and deeply attracts the child, which is also a key factor for parents to choose.
2. Wide usage scenarios
Unpowered amusement equipment is divided into three sizes: large, medium and small. It can not only be used in large spaces such as shopping malls and scenic spots, but also can be placed at home for children to play according to their own needs. The application scenarios can be large or small. Very extensive.
3. Low cost, long service life and high return
The investment in powered amusement equipment may be as high as tens of millions or more. Unpowered amusement equipment does not need to be so expensive, and most of the materials for unpowered amusement equipment are stainless steel, anti-corrosion wood, rosewood, etc., which are not easy to damage even if they are placed outdoors in wind and rain. , The use cycle is long. Placing it in shopping malls, scenic spots and other places can fully attract passenger flow, promote consumption, and bring high returns.
4, the scene integration is high
Many scenic spots and parks have high environmental requirements for unpowered amusement equipment. Unpowered amusement equipment can be made of specific materials according to their needs. Measures are adapted to local conditions, will not damage the local natural environment, and are highly integrated with the local natural environment.