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When does the park have high revenue


When does the park have high revenue?

There will always be a lot of people in the children’s playground during a day, a week, or a year. However, few people have summed up and thought about these laws, so that they missed many opportunities to improve business efficiency. So, when is the best business for indoor children’s amusement parks? How to use these time periods to increase the revenue and benefits of children’s parks? Below, I will give you a detailed analysis and introduction below.

1. Opening day
The opening is the first step to increase the popularity of the children’s park, and it is also a good time to gather popularity. However, many shopkeepers have ignored this point and opened the business sloppily, failing to effectively convey the store information of the children’s park, so that they missed this one. Opportunities to attract more people to consume and show a good image of the park. Therefore, in the preparations for opening, we must try every means to publicize the basic overview of the children’s playground to local customers, such as opening time, opening discounts, opening activities, etc., and increase publicity so that everyone knows it, and lay a good foundation for the future business development of the store .

2, 9-11 o'clock and 6-10 o'clock in the evening
There are two best business hours of the day, 9-11 in the morning and 6-10 in the evening. Unlike adults, preschool children usually wake up early. For the sake of their children's health, parents will also take their children out for activities. In addition, parents take their children out for a walk and play time after get off work.

3. Weekend
For a week, I think everyone should be clear that it is a leisurely weekend. It is obvious to all that the indoor children’s amusement park is very popular on weekends when children have holidays and parents have rest. Therefore, in addition to hygiene, service, and safety, some preferential activities or entertainment programs should be held on weekends in a timely manner. You can refer to variety shows to hold parent-child activities, or discounts on weekend admissions, etc., which will bring good results. .

4, winter and summer vacations and holidays
On the time scale of a whole year, winter and summer vacations and holidays are the best operating hours. At this time, children have plenty of time, and parents also need a safe and secure place for children to play.

After reading the above content, although we know when the flow of people will increase, the safety, sanitation, and equipment (installation of air conditioners, equipment quality) of our site itself cannot be ignored.