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How to disinfect and clean the amusement facilities


How to disinfect and clean the amusement facilities?

As a public place for children to gather and play in the children’s playground, cleaning and disinfection must be done in place. This is also a criterion for the long-term operation of operators. How should children's playground operators do their daily cleaning and disinfection work? You can refer to the cleaning and disinfection standards in these children's playgrounds.
When cleaning, you can use 84 disinfectant, Weilushi disinfectant, soapy water, and disinfectant detergent. Before use, be sure to dilute it and configure it according to the ratio of the instructions to avoid poisoning, and then wipe it with a rag, or use a watering can, diluted with disinfectant water, and sprayed to wipe. The element that needs to be paid attention to is after a period of time after disinfection. It will be safer to play again. You can also purchase ultraviolet disinfection lamps for sterilization. In the obvious location of the children's playground, the disinfection record board is hung to let parents rest assured.
The above disinfection and cleaning methods are suitable for game projects such as naughty castles, quality development, EPP building blocks, wooden building blocks, plastic building blocks, zip lines, dry snow slides, safety fences, climbing walls, ninja roads, etc.
1. Plastic toys can be diluted and soaked with soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, etc., then rinsed with clean water, and dried with a cleaning cloth or dried in the sun.
2. Cloth toys can be washed with soapy water or placed in the sun.
3. Wooden toys that are resistant to humidity, heat and do not fade can be washed in soapy water and dried in the sun.
4. Iron toys can be sterilized when exposed to sunlight for more than 6 hours.
Disinfection measures for indoor hardware equipment
1. Activity rooms, floors, walls, etc., should be disinfected by ultraviolet radiation daily, and the room should be ventilated frequently. Spray disinfection with hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid once a week.
2. If the children's playground has a matching bathroom area, it is best to disinfect it every one or two days, mainly for toilets, handles, faucets, etc., use 3% Lysur disinfectant.
The above is an introduction to the disinfection and cleaning of the amusement facilities in the children’s playground. To solve the problem from the source, the operator can place roll-up banners on the relevant regulations of civilized amusement at the entrance of the children’s playground to deal with the misbehavior of parents and children. constraint. Before children under one and a half years old enter the children’s playground, operators should try their best to require parents to wear diapers for their children.