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What are the risks of opening a park


What are the risks of opening a park?

Nowadays, all kinds of children's amusement equipment on the market are emerging one after another. Among them, the children's naughty castle is a kind of children's amusement project developed by the design team of the amusement equipment manufacturer based on the physical and psychological conditions of the children's growth, and a naughty castle is opened. Parks have become the choice of many investors. So, is there any risk in opening a children's park? What are the main areas?
The location of the venue is the key to customer site selection. Generally, better shopping malls and supermarkets will plan the children's store area. It is recommended that you choose a location nearby, so that your target customer group is relatively concentrated. Popularity determines everything and it is also the key to help you quickly recover costs and make long-term profits. You have to weigh it well, find a profit and loss point for your investment, and then do it.

Location of Naughty Castle Park: Supermarket/shopping mall/walking street/square/community, of course it depends on the local situation

How many fish are there to dig the big pit: How many target customers have the market demand, and how much area can be used, so that it can be accurately positioned, so that investment can appropriately reduce costs and risks, and establish a foundation for profit! Most of the current projects are It is the acquisition of the land before the market is made to reconcile the positioning. This sequence is wrong. The correct thing is to first make market making and reconcile positioning, determine how many target markets are feasible, and then think about how much land to take. Only in this way can the children's playground be successfully opened.

Operational risk is believed to be a headache for many industries. The fear of operational risks is to sit and eat, and so is a children's playground. Many investors think that the project investment is good enough, and they want to wait for the children's theme park to make money. But as the saying goes, there is no free pies in the world. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, if you just want to make a profit, you can only be eliminated in the competition with your peers. For children's theme parks to be successful, to operate stably in the long term, and to make long-term profits, they must operate well.

The after-sales service risk mainly comes from the customer’s dissatisfaction with the park services or the amusement experience after consumption, so it is difficult for customers to ask for the door again to consume again, which is easy to lose some potential target customer groups. Over time, this will be the reputation of the park. Have a big impact. Therefore, the safety, sanitation, fire protection, and service attitude of the staff must be comprehensive. Only by doing this well can customers identify with them, increase their goodwill, and guide consumption again.
In fact, there are not many risks in opening a children’s playground. This is one of the highlights of it attracting investors to invest actively. Therefore, opening a children's playground should not be careless. It is necessary to discover and solve problems as early as possible, and to avoid risks and potential threats in a timely manner. Only in this way can the development of the paradise flourish.