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How does the park meet the needs of parents


How does the park meet the needs of parents?

Children’s playgrounds are relatively common children’s playgrounds in many cities. When investors operate children’s playgrounds, they will be very concerned about parents’ views on children’s playgrounds, such as decoration colors, theme and environment of the playground, safety issues of children’s amusement equipment, etc. Why do bosses care about the views of parents? Mainly because parents are the decision makers of consumption, the children's playground to be built and operated must not only be loved by children, but also meet the needs of parents.

It is recommended that children's playground operators can let parents integrate into the children's playground and enjoy parent-child time with their children. Mom and dad can also gradually cultivate a tacit understanding with their children in the process of helping their children, entertaining and entertaining, and narrowing the distance between each other.

Many parents are usually busy at work, rarely accompany their children, or rest at home, and rarely play games with their parents. Therefore, the addition of such an area in the children’s playground can increase the participation of parents. This is the parent’s "communication with their children." "Interaction", "participation" needs, and want to retain regular customers, having such a parent-child space is very helpful to the long-term operation of the children's playground.

Many children’s park investors believe that a few stools or chairs in the rest area will be done during the operation of the children’s park. The experience is still in the children’s play area. This idea is completely wrong. The children’s game power is still in the hands of their parents. If the rest area of ​​the children’s playground is boring and the equipment is outdated, the child’s parents will not be able to stay there, and may leave after a while. If the lounge in the children’s paradise is well decorated, with a comfortable resting environment, free hot tea and WiFi, and books to pass the time, parents may think that the time is not so long, and they can stay for a long time without knowing it. . This area can also derive a variety of profitable projects, which is also a business model.

Parents will accompany their children during holidays. If you cooperate with some activities to make the parents and children more interesting, it will also increase the trust of parents and the word-of-mouth publicity among parents. After all, adults also want the company of friends, and friends can also play together.