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Should I invest in a children's playground without experience


Should I invest in a children's playground without experience?

When it comes to investing in children's parks, many of them are actually "outsiders." The so-called laymen are simply laymen, who have not yet started their knowledge or skills in the children's park industry. Of course, investors with experience in children’s playgrounds are definitely better than investors with no experience, both in terms of business and decision-making, and novices will inevitably go more in the process of investing in children’s playgrounds because of their lack of experience. Some detours, such as poor site selection, uninnovative equipment purchase, insufficient decoration, insufficient publicity, etc., of course, many inexperienced investors have failed. Therefore, many people have asked whether they should invest if they have no experience in the children's playground industry. The following will give you an analysis:

At the moment, in addition to investing in children’s playgrounds, you can create your own brand to open stores, and you can also ask industry media for inquiries. Of course, you can also use brand names to open stores, which is what everyone says is joining. These purposes are to better understand the site selection reference, decoration design, equipment supply and installation, personnel training, publicity planning, opening planning, operation guidance, and then become an attractive children's playground with local market competition. I'm not afraid you don't understand, I'm afraid you don't ask.