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Prime time for park operations


Prime time for park operations

Nowadays, the Chinese people's enthusiasm for venture capital continues to rise. As one of the projects with a high degree of attention, the children's playground is naturally selected by many investors. However, many people have improper grasp of the operation and management of different time periods, which has caused a series of operation problems. Regarding the prime time of the children's playground operation, let's analyze it for everyone.

Generally speaking, the best time for the children's playground to operate is 9 to 11 in the morning, 3 to 5 in the afternoon, and 7 to 10 in the evening. The reason why it is divided into three time periods is that one of the reasons is that between each time, it involves nodes such as lunch and dinner. Even if the amusement project involved is not an intense type of activity, it also requires a process of digestion and rest for the child. Only in this way can they grow up healthily.

Second, during these periods, children are in good overall condition and have sufficient energy. Parents, especially their elders, are more difficult to take care of. Therefore, they are more willing to let them participate in the amusement projects of the children's playground, which is convenient for management and allows their nature to be brought into play. In addition, if children can improve themselves and learn knowledge from the play process, it will be more helpful to form a stable trading relationship between them and the children’s playground.

The winter and summer vacations and vacations of students are the best time to start the indoor children's playground business, because only at this time can the children have enough time to play. During public holidays such as "Six Day", the children's playground can hold family entertainment programs such as "family mobilization" to increase family affection and feel the warmth of home, thereby creating a good park feeling and sense of belonging.

Compared with weekends, the flow of people in major business districts on weekdays is generally low, which is mainly affected by the work needs of office workers and the children's class and study. It can be said that for families with children, parents are more inclined to accompany their children out to spend parent-child time on weekends, and the main business district is one of their primary goals. As a result, the operating benefits of the children's playground will be stimulated, ushering in a significantly higher than usual growth effect.

In addition, during the winter and summer vacations of 1-2 months, under normal circumstances, parents have to go to work and have no time to take care of their children. How can children learn and play without worrying about food and clothing for a day? In this regard, it is recommended that children's playgrounds create an image of "leisure learning".

The opening of the store is the first step to increase the popularity of the children's park, and it is also a good time to gather the popularity of the children's park. In the preparations for opening, the operator should try to publicize the basic information of the children's playground, such as the address, opening time, and opening publicity activities. Increased publicity can quickly expand the popularity of the children's playground, pave the way for its good development in the region, attract more customers to visit and participate in the opening activities, and cultivate a stable consumer group. At the same time, we must seize the customers we met at the first opening, treat others with enthusiasm, considerate service, and leave a good impression on others, so it is much easier to apply for a card.