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North Korea also has a "video game city"


North Korea also has a "video game city", and the claw machine is a high-end product.

Among the many neighboring countries, North Korea is the most mysterious one. Because of the special environment, most people will definitely think that such "retreat" will be very backward in all aspects of the local area. We have experienced this through the history of the Qing Dynasty. As the saying goes, speculation is false, seeing is believing. It just so happens that in recent years, North Korea has vigorously developed tourism and created conditions for foreign tourists. Nowadays, North Korea tourism has become its best business card.
We are also paying the bill for the neighbor’s tourism industry. We have had a profound traditional friendship for hundreds of years. People still care about how the locals are now. Let’s put it this way, before we go, we always feel that the locals are firmly tied up. In the group, there will be no entertainment venues such as the "Video Game City" at all, and it will be severely slapped in the face.

The rumor that there is no entertainment in North Korea will be broken when you enter a local hotel. There are many programs for tourists, such as KTV, sauna, card playing, etc. It will definitely surprise you. If there are no such programs among the locals. . I asked the tour guide to find out that these places are also open to locals, but the price is indeed a bit expensive for their income.

On the way to the scenic spot, the tourist group has seen casinos such as the "Video Game City", and there are also everything in the amusement park nearby. It seems that the life of the local people is not as monotonous as many people think. When I passed by, I found that they all seemed to be locked by thick chains. For this reason, I also asked the tour guide. She said that it was during the working hours on weekdays, and these entertainment venues were generally not open at this time. If it was evening, there would be people.

Unfortunately, it is limited to group tours, and tourists are not allowed to go out privately. I heard a good guy, out of curiosity, he actually visited the "video game city" next to the Arc de Triomphe. According to him, during holidays or breaks, there is still a lot of people flow, and things are rare. The amusement equipment belongs to the old antiques of the last century. The claw machine is definitely a high-end product there. The star system. Every time there are many young North Korean men and women waiting to play. That time he seized the opportunity to play for an entire afternoon without paying attention. Are you shocked by how much money has been "routine"?