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What do I need to prepare before the park opens


What do I need to prepare before the park opens?

In recent years, due to the influence of the entertainment consumption era, indoor children's playgrounds have become more and more popular among all walks of life. There will be competition if there is a market. How to stand out in the fierce market competition? Not only lies in the safety, intelligence and education of indoor children's playground amusement equipment, but also lies in the management skills and operating methods of the operators. Let’s talk about what preparations need to be made before opening a children’s playground!

① Opening gifts: prepare small gifts for opening in advance, the unit price of gifts is controlled at about 10 yuan, such as small toys, stationery, household daily necessities, etc. If you have also prepared a lucky draw, you can choose some gifts worth more than 100 yuan.

② Office supplies: folders, notepads, pens, scissors, etc.

③Maintenance supplies: tweezers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc.

④Cleaning supplies: medical alcohol or 84 disinfectant for equipment and venues, disinfectant for children's hands, brooms, mops, towels, etc., conditionally buy a UV disinfection lamp for cleaning and disinfection of the venue.

⑤Fire-fighting supplies: fire extinguishers, emergency lights, etc.

According to the needs of the children's playground, it is necessary to recruit several cashiers and caregivers before opening. Focus on training professional skills, service procedures, emergency handling methods, etc.

①Online promotion: use major websites (including group buying platforms), Douyin, WeChat, etc. for online promotion.

②Offline promotion: Distribute flyers, post posters and outdoor advertisements, and promote in the neighborhood. Never use red and yellow single-color leaflets, which are not graded.

③Business circle cooperation: cooperate with children's photography, training institutions, baby clothing stores, toy stores, etc. to promote and establish friendly relations with surrounding kindergartens, and provide free venues for them.

1. Outdoor layout

①Several congratulatory banners are hung in the building.

② Several congratulatory hydrogen balloons are placed in front of or on the roof of the building.

③You can put some colorful flags on the side of the children's playground.

2. The layout of the entrance

①Put a big red carpet at the gate, and put several flower baskets on both sides to create a happy atmosphere.

②A large inflatable arch is set at the entrance to enhance the atmosphere.

3. The arrangement of gifts

Establish a special display area for event gifts, the display of gifts should be vigorous, and the pile head should be large, giving people the impression that there are many gifts and they are very valuable. There is only one purpose, to attract the attention of passing customers and create popularity for the opening.

4. The layout of the park

Many balloons of various shapes are hung in the park. The style is mainly red and yellow, reflecting passion and celebration.

① Check the safety of the equipment. It is best to check the safety of the equipment again before opening the business to avoid the existence of sharp weapons; the power supply and wiring should be hidden and fixed, and no safety hazards should be left.

②Prepare the opening list form. According to the management needs of the children’s playground, try to list the various forms required before and after opening as much as possible, such as the item purchase list, the gift warehousing form, the inventory form, the membership registration form, the customer information form, the on-site work handover form, and the staff schedule form , Financial statements, etc.

③Customize membership strategy. Before opening, it is necessary to design a special membership strategy to lock in customers in advance, and to prepare card gifts in advance (the gift pile should be large), and to formulate sales skills. For example, if you apply for 10 times the card, you can get the bill-free for the current consumption, and the membership card recharges 300 to get 100 and other preferential modes. This preferential strategy of "buy and get free" can greatly increase the card application rate.