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How does the park increase profits


How does the park increase profits?

Now that there are more and more indoor children’s parks, the ensuing competition has become more and more fierce; many shopping malls and neighborhoods will see 3-4 similar indoor children’s parks in operation, it is conceivable How serious is the involution phenomenon between each other. However, in the face of competition, do not use the method of hurting others to fight against. This will only cause the emergence of a vicious circle, which can be described as a detrimental move. Next, I will introduce a few more effective methods that will not harm our own interests, but can also maintain good business conditions for a long time.

Publicity is an indispensable method in the operation of children’s playgrounds, but this seemingly ordinary method is rarely paid attention to, which shows that many operators are too lazy in their daily operations, and how can they expand their sales without trying to actively attack Woolen cloth? There are several effective propaganda methods, namely:

1. Distribute publicity leaflets in areas with a large number of people, especially during the event period, this kind of local promotion mode needs to be used well. The effect of this method will be more obvious at the entrance of shopping malls, schools, residential areas and other places.

2. Through word of mouth from members, to reach a radiation chain of one transmission to ten or ten transmissions, relatively speaking, the cost will be much lower. Moreover, the turnover rate of customers re-developed by regular customers' resources will be very high, which is a relatively safe publicity model.

3. Advertise in various offline advertising spaces, especially in stations, newsstands, shopping malls, high-rise advertising spaces, etc., as long as the funds are in place; in the long run, it will better enhance the influence of our children's playground , Can also bring many unexpected consumer groups to visit.

4. The rise of the Internet is one of the best media for promotion and publicity. Especially now that the network information on the mobile terminal of mobile phones is developed, most people will receive all kinds of information through mobile phones. We should use this natural channel to do so. Content promotion, multi-platform display, let more consumers know our brand, and achieve the purpose of imperceptibly.

Children are the main body of the experience project, and the main consumer is the parents; then our project and promotion should capture the psychology of the two separately. For children, it’s what they want to play comfortably, so they should reflect the diversified content in the gameplay, and the reasonable layout design allows children to play freely; for parents, face the market There are so many choices, it is necessary to find children to have fun, safe and healthy, and at the same time affordable enough. By clarifying the needs of customers, you can prescribe the right medicine and design a content experience that satisfies them.