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What are the benefits of operating a naughty castle in a shopping mall


What are the benefits of operating a naughty castle in a shopping mall?

Nowadays, shopping malls in major cities usually have Naughty Castle Park. On the one hand, the flow of people in the mall can be used to attract children to play. On the other hand, Naughty Castle Park can attract parents to spend in the mall, forming a complementary and mutually beneficial cycle. So what are the benefits of operating a naughty castle park in a mall?

If the location of the shopping mall is a high-end community or a crowded area, then the investment risk of Naughty Castle Park will be much lower. At the same time, with the flow of people in the mall, the children’s playground will not worry about running out of business.

With the improvement of people’s needs and spending power, large shopping malls have not only met people’s shopping needs, but also equipped with children’s playgrounds, restaurants, cinemas and other facilities, allowing people to eat, drink, play and consume all day in the mall. .

The opening of a children's playground in a shopping mall is a one-time investment, that is, after paying rent and equipment costs in a lump sum, there is no need for much later investment. Calculated with an investment of 400,000 yuan, the monthly income budget is 100,000 yuan per month. The first four months are in the payback period, and the basic net profit per month will be maintained at about 100,000 yuan. Of course, this is just a budget. In fact, after the investment cost, there will be some discrepancies, and the monthly income of a well-run children’s playground is definitely more than 100,000.

Children’s playgrounds open in shopping malls do not worry about the source of customers. In addition, parents now focus on the education and growth of their children. Children’s playgrounds that are entertaining and entertaining are the first choice for children and parents. The prospects for children's playgrounds to be opened in shopping malls are very promising.