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Is it suitable for the park to be opened in a shopping center


Is it suitable for the park to be opened in a shopping center?

In the early stage of opening a children's playground, there are bound to be many problems. Many park investors don't know how to start, so you might as well try to open a park in a shopping mall. Whether on holidays or on weekdays, large shopping malls are constantly crowded. Such conditions can provide a good source of customers for the park. Next, let's see if this option is feasible.
1. Venue rent
Many people may think that shopping mall rents are more expensive than supermarkets, but this idea is a bit preconceived. In fact, it can be compared. All the outer areas of the supermarket are outsourced to the second landlord. If the second landlord wants to make a difference in the middle, the rent will naturally be increased. In addition to the store location, the selected shopping center has relatively low rents in other peripheral locations. Then, the shopping center has a management fee, which varies with the size of the store traffic. Furthermore, the higher the floor, the cheaper the rent. . It is these three points that make the rent of the shopping center store not necessarily higher.
2. Passenger flow
The size of the passenger flow directly affects the popularity and profitability of the indoor children's playground, so in terms of site selection, places with high passenger flow will be selected. Shopping malls are generally located in the core area of ​​a region, with a large flow of people; coupled with the one-stop service of eating, drinking and playing carried by the mall itself, it provides great convenience for residents to go out for leisure and entertainment, and has a strong attraction. Therefore, the passenger flow of the mall is very sufficient. The location of the indoor children's playground in a shopping mall can bring more customers to the park.
3. The wishes of consumers
Customers who go to shopping malls have a desire to consume and have greater spending power. In addition, shopping malls are generally built in places with convenient transportation and close to the city center. The transportation is convenient; convenient transportation can bring many potentials to children's playgrounds. Of customers. In such areas, there are people of all ages and social classes, so there will be more customers and strong spending power. Children's playgrounds located in shopping malls have strong bargaining power and the benefits are considerable.
4. Charging issues
Because the supermarket has a single function, parents will have big bags and small bags in their hands after shopping in the supermarket. They are destined not to let their children stay in the children’s playground for a long time. In addition, supermarkets generally feel cheap, so in children The fees for the park will not be too high. It is not bad if you can go to 20 or 30 yuan. The profit margin is not large. If it is too high, parents will feel that it is not worth it. In this way, the flow of people is seen but the flow of money is no longer seen. But it’s different in a shopping mall. It has various functions and a long stay. While enjoying the leisure time, children are also willing to play. Moreover, this place feels high-grade, and the price is a bit higher and it is not very sensitive. You can bid up to 100 yuan each time without too much hesitation. Therefore, in the case of the same flow of people, longer stays will provide more opportunities for business and the flow of people will also increase.
After reading these four points, I hope that these will give the operators some thoughts, and they will need to consider more when opening an indoor children's playground next time.