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Can the park be operated anywhere


Can the park be operated anywhere?

In recent years, the development of the domestic market has become more and more prosperous, and many industries and projects have achieved qualitative leaps based on this trend. Among them, indoor children’s playgrounds have obtained great benefits. Both attention and sales have increased. Great level. People who usually have shopping habit should notice that these children's playgrounds appear in many places; then the question is, can children's playground projects be operated in any place? Or should it be said that some specific areas are more suitable for operation? With these questions we explored the answers.

Children’s playground projects seem to be everywhere, but if you think about it, the places where we go shopping every day are relatively lively neighborhoods, and those places that are not popular are generally rarely visited. Along this line of thinking, do you find any signs? NS? The first thing to pay attention to when operating a children's playground is popularity. And if we want to know where the children’s playground will be located, we need to know clearly that the audience of this project has a focus, and it is not like some retail stores that most types of people have needs. The service target of the children’s playground is mainly for children aged 2 to 8 years old. They are in the embryonic stage of cognition and have good learning ability. These characteristics can be seen from the playing method of the children’s playground. Most of the schools only allow children of the right age to participate, and adults cannot play.

After clarifying the functions and audiences, we can find the location rules of the children's playground; one is the area with a large flow of people; the other is the area where school-age children often haunt or a large number of haunts. Based on the analysis of these two characteristics, these lots can be drawn.

1. Usually we see more business places, they must be those comprehensive large-scale shopping malls; this place is generally located in a prosperous area in the urban area, whether it is convenient transportation, or the number of businesses and the variety, it is very suitable for children's paradise Operational requirements.

2. The children's playground has a very obvious tendency to demand, so if you want to capture more core customers, it is not wrong to go to the place where this group gathers. The neighborhoods around kindergartens and elementary schools are high-quality choices. The number of children here is definitely very large. The closer you are to the school gate, the larger the audience, and the sales are undoubtedly very good.

3. In addition to such a wealth of customer resources around the campus, there is also a very good area that belongs to the scope of the children's playground operation, that is, a large living community. Mainly on neighbourhood roads, it is better to have a few real estates nearby to increase the number of customers. The operation of the children's playground here mainly takes into account the stability of the population in and out of the residential area, and the family is the main unit; this shows that the number of children is also very large, and sales are naturally not a problem. It should be noted that although the number of customers here is large, the floating population is small, and they are all composed of old neighborhoods. Therefore, in terms of marketing strategies, you must know how to lay a good relationship with customers, do your best to maintain customers, and generate more The interaction is of great help to long-term operations.