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What factors should be considered when selecting a site for a children's playground


What factors should be considered when selecting a site for a children's playground? 

If you want to open a children's playground, location is the key. A good location is half the battle. I want to start a business and open a children's playground. How to choose a location? What are the requirements for the location of a children's playground? Which places are better to open a children's playground? You will understand after reading this analysis.

The location of the children's playground must be selected in commercial centers, shopping malls, shopping malls, large supermarkets, communities, street facades, kindergartens, square park scenic spots, etc., which have large flow of people, good traffic, many target potential customers, and strong consumption capabilities. The location, and the closer to the target customer, the more suitable the venue.

The net height of the selected shop (the net height of the shop refers to the distance from the lowest point of the roof to the ground) is best to choose at least 2.8 meters, and the higher the better. At the same time, there should be as few pillars as possible in the use area of ​​the store, and the shape of the site should be as regular as possible, so that the utilization rate of the site can be high.

The floor location selected for the children’s playground should be on the first to third floors. The negative and fourth floors are not allowed to be used as children’s playgrounds due to fire protection issues. Otherwise, it may be difficult to pass when applying for a fire protection permit when opening a store. I hope to invest. The person must pay attention.

There should be no less than two safety exits in the indoor children's playground. It is better to have an independent entrance. When the shopping mall is a high-rise building, it must be equipped with independent entrances and exits, and the fire-fighting facilities should be perfect. I suggest you check it out. The fire protection design of the children's playground is submitted for construction.

When selecting a site, you must have an understanding of the basic situation of the surrounding children's playground, which is conducive to comprehensive consideration.

If the surrounding children’s playground market is already saturated, it must be carefully considered. Even if the demand is great, the pressure of competition is not small, which is not conducive to the operation of the children’s playground. Therefore, before selecting a site, you must do a good job of market research and analysis.

Which venues are better to open a children's playground?

The best location for children’s parks is undoubtedly in major shopping malls or large-scale comprehensive commercial districts. There is a large flow of people here and there are naturally more potential tourists. Comprehensive shopping malls have all food, drink and fun, which is an advantage in attracting customers. .

The shopping mall has obvious partitions. Generally, there is a whole floor dedicated to children-related goods, such as children's clothing, children's restaurants, toy stores, etc. Opening a children's playground here is equivalent to directly acquiring intended customers.

The area of ​​a large shopping mall is generally more than 300 square meters, and the rent of the venue is relatively expensive. A good location is also available but not available. It is more suitable for customers who have sufficient budget and want to be a medium and large children's playground.

Many cities have residential squares or parks. These places are one of the main venues for citizens. There is a lot of traffic, but they are scattered. The indoor children's park nearby needs to be enough to attract consumers and the price should not be too high.

Every holiday is a good time for a family to travel by car to the surrounding scenic spots. Tourist attractions usually have several large and small rest areas. It is also a good choice to open children’s playgrounds in these places. The entire rest area will be transformed into an attraction-themed children’s playground. In addition to providing playgrounds for children to play, it also provides special dining, Rest area and themed product consumption area, such a combination of diversification will also be more popular.