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How to configure the park equipment


Children's paradise focuses on safety and peace of mind

In recent years, indoor children's playgrounds have been booming everywhere. It is not affected by weather and seasons, and can flexibly set up climbing, sliding, climbing and other projects according to the size of the site, providing children with a comfortable play environment, becoming a "standard" in large shopping malls, amusement parks, etc. A good place to walk the baby. On holidays, this place is even more overcrowded.

According to existing regulations, children's amusement facilities are small facilities and are not included in special equipment, and there are no special safety supervision regulations. Because of their young age, children like to play together. When playing in the ocean ball pool and other venues, they are prone to collisions, falls and stampede. Indoor children’s playgrounds are often relatively closed and there are many children playing. Many of the equipment and toys in the playground will be in close contact with the children’s skin. If the equipment and toys are not cleaned and disinfected in time, the sweat and saliva during play are likely to produce bacteria; if the equipment is If the maintenance is not careful, it is easy to form a safety hazard and also threaten the health and safety of children.

Parents take their children to play in the indoor park, looking forward to peace of mind and safety, happiness and health. To ensure that children have a safe, healthy and happy play experience, we must adhere to problem-oriented and systematic thinking, so that indoor parks will not become "forgotten corners".

1. We must establish a firm bottom line for safety and make clear the "gatekeeper". It is necessary to improve systems and mechanisms, revise relevant rules, clarify environmental and sanitation standards for activity equipment and toy raw materials, and define the responsibilities of "gatekeepers" and "gatekeepers", so that regulation can be followed, and good market order and consumer rights are maintained. It is necessary to clarify the managers of large supermarkets and other places as the first responsible person for safety, guide and urge them and park operators to firmly establish the concept of safe development, equip with professional and appropriate safety administrators, make safety warning signs, and regularly inspect and repair facilities and equipment. It may reduce potential hazards and build a strong line of defense for safe operations.

2. To determine the hard indicators of sanitation standards. In accordance with the requirements of public places, the guidelines for hygiene management of indoor parks are drawn up and extended to free indoor children's activity areas set up to attract passengers, such as maternal and child stores and fast food restaurants. Guide operators to adopt different disinfection methods for playground walls, floors, hidden corners and soft sponges, plastic and glass fiber, cloth, iron and other different materials, such as UV lamp disinfection, 84 disinfectant cleaning and disinfection, etc. , And post the disinfection record in a prominent place, and fill in the disinfection time, frequency, location and responsible person in a standardized manner. Education and guide park operators to reasonably partition the play area, rest area and dining area, fully scrub and eliminate the rest tables, chairs, and public facilities, reduce the risk of disease transmission, and give consumers more peace of mind.

Third, it is necessary to implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and strengthen the internal standard management of the park. Supervise park operators to strengthen standardized management, strictly follow the normalized epidemic prevention and control requirements, implement various measures such as wearing masks, measuring body temperature, and scanning health codes to ensure natural ventilation in the venue; parks with conditions must be equipped with health doctors. Check the hand, foot and mouth condition of children during the season when the disease is frequent, and persuade children with fever, cold and other symptoms to leave the venue; provide free disposable gloves, alcohol and other epidemic prevention items, remind parents to wear masks throughout the process, and limit current in special circumstances Take measures and even close the park to avoid a large number of people gathering.