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How to configure the park equipment


How to configure the park equipment?

Children's playground is a paradise for children to play, and the configuration in each amusement park is very important. If configured properly, it can also attract more children's interest. For children of different ages, physical characteristics and interest performance should also be analyzed to determine the facilities of the entire amusement park. How to configure the children's park equipment? What are the precautions?

First, naughty castle equipment. Under normal circumstances, if the children's playground equipment is probably a naughty castle, it is not only safe, but also has a variety of ways to play.

Second, mechanical amusement equipment. Children like this kind of amusement equipment. If it is electric mechanical amusement equipment, the price of these equipment itself is relatively high, the interaction is also very strong, the interest is high, and the children like it very much, generally In the small children's playground, he will combine a variety of equipment operations, not only has a variety of play methods, but also the equipment costs will be much lower.

Third, educational amusement equipment. In the children’s playground, some of the older ones, about 3~6 years old, will pay much attention to the cultivation of some of their interests and specialties during this period, which will gradually allow them to form specific thinking abilities and focus their attention. Of course, they are new Things and imagination will also be more active, so parents will also focus on this situation and train them special. If there is such a puzzle amusement in the children's playground, it must be better.
The general children’s playground is a combination of dynamic and static. These equipments do not have too many requirements for the area of ​​the amusement park. Whether it is 100 square meters or 200 square meters, or larger playgrounds, it will be assembled according to the actual situation. Corresponding equipment.