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Paradise turns the service system into a service habit in daily work


Paradise turns the service system into a service habit in daily work

In recent years, the amusement industry has become more and more specialized. It can be said that we are experiencing an era of transformation in the amusement industry. Faced with the development of the new situation, we can only improve ourselves through continuous learning and achieve a change in thinking and an improvement in service levels.

Through a period of hard work, we have summarized some of the bit by bit practices in the management of the park in the constant setbacks and ups and downs, and here is a little bit of "dry goods" to share with you. Because it is convenient for all employees to understand and can follow-up the content of practical skills training, it does not use too many professional words to "package", but uses common and easy-to-understand explanations.

In the current children’s amusement industry, due to the homogenization of equipment, the "freshness" time for customers has been shortened. Coupled with the consultations obtained by customers through various types of information, they have a visual impact on some playgrounds. The shelf life is shortened. Therefore, in the past few years, the "eternal prosperity" era of relying on equipment to maintain operations has passed. In order to reduce the loss of customers, in addition to increasing daily sales such as member re-card consumption, more operators and management need to be fully committed. And through innovative thinking to enhance the "highlights" of the park, and to explore and experiment with customers' memory points of the park.

The key to maximizing the effectiveness of all business plans is the implementation of all plans, and the key to implementing this kind of implementation lies in the employees. All the behaviors of an employee in the park are called "service" in the eyes of customers. Therefore, the word service is very broad in the minds of customers. I don't know how you understand the word service. I personally think of "service". "The understanding is a kind of paid or unpaid activity that does things for others and benefits others. It is not in the form of objects, but in the form of labor to meet the needs of others, so service is not only a form, it is an attitude. For our children's amusement industry, it is the attitude of sincerely serving parents and babies in daily operations, and putting many details in the work in place.

It includes a good service attitude and firm belief in service. In daily work, I require store employees to be serious, responsible, meticulous, proactive, civilized, courteous, enthusiastic and patient in their work, and avoid indifferent, contemptuous and indifferent service attitudes. In the service, the first priority is to serve the babies and parents, and the second is to have a flexible way of thinking to be able to deal with the problems of the parents in a timely and effective manner and some emergencies in the park. And these are the basic manifestations of the employees' abilities in the daily operation of the park.

In order to give parents a sense of warmth when entering the kindergarten. In the daily operation and service of the store, I require all employees of the park to do: There is a welcoming sound when customers come and go, there is an answer to questions and answers, and the standing "three tones" service habit with greetings in front of customers develops. I have been to many parks in my free time and feel that when some parks enter, what does the clerk need to know besides asking? There is no communication with customers in the whole process except for card application or play and consumption, which opens up the first spiritual distance between customers and the store. If the customer comes in with eight points of enthusiasm, the enthusiasm should drop by two points at this time.
The first is that in the greetings and greetings of guests entering the park, employees will remind each other to enter the venue and adjust their working status. In addition, indirectly through the greeting of "Welcome to XX Paradise", it reminds customers that they are now entering a consumption place for children's play, and through this greeting, the customer's first memory of the name of the park is implanted. (In conjunction with the first sound of "Three Tones", there is also "Three Tos", with smiles, eyes and expressions, because when we are serving customers, maybe other customers will come in at this time, we actually have We may not have time to take care of it, but even if we can’t get away for the time being, we have to let our guests know that I see you, I’m following you, I greet you, I let you know with a smile, expression, and eyes. Please wait patiently, I’ll immediately Just come over)

The second is that when employees see the wandering customers in any venue area of ​​the park, they must send "Hello, XX Park welcomes you" as soon as possible. In this successive greetings, the customers will slowly feel that the park is due to etiquette. The temperature that it brings, and it also allows strange customers to remember the name of the park by hearing the exclusive greetings of the park repeatedly.

Third, when the baby left the activity area after playing, the staff gave the baby and the parents a voice prompt, and asked some new customers and old members who did not play for some time. I personally consider sending off to guests more important than welcome, because this link is very important for deepening new customers’ impression of the park’s service and for some old members to relive the park’s memories, and when they get some objectionable experience suggestions, employees Make a record in time and submit it in time at the daily meeting the next day for the management to adopt and make some detailed service adjustments.

In the development of the "Three Tones" habit, employees initially rejected and dissatisfied, complained that Putonghua was not good at speaking, stood up for too long service hours, embarrassed to speak, etc. I went through a period of salary reward and punishment mechanism. After intensified adaptation, new and old employees have made this system a habit, and customers are also very satisfied with the "temperature" service point of the park.

Diligent eyes, mouth, hands, and legs. During the daily operation of the park, I found that the staff’s four-time job was very poor. After the customers left, the seats in the waiting area for children’s parents and the video game area were placed in a mess. Mineral water bottles, cigarette butts and other garbage were everywhere. The customers of the playground have a dirty and poor visual experience of the playground, especially the children's play area. The basic requirements of parents for this area are clean, hygienic, and safe. Due to the psychological feelings brought about by this messy and poor visual effect, some obstacles have appeared in the effective conversion of some single customers and membership renewals. In response to the improvement of this problem, I began to use the daily meeting and the low passenger flow period from Monday to Friday to conduct one-on-one training and practical operation of the "four" service for employees. In the training and practical operation, we repeatedly strengthened the employees’ If they are not moving or in a daze, they must move around more within their working area, so that they can find and solve problems in a timely manner, and they can more effectively find opportunities for marketing.

During the daily opening and business hours, when the passenger flow is weak, I ask employees to use "hand work", "leg work", and "eye work" to achieve their own and park equipment, and the "five cleans" tooling and personal cleansing in the public areas of the venues. Clean toys, clean environment, and clean equipment, so that when customers come to the park, the first thing they see is cleanliness. We also insist that all areas of the park are cleaned every morning and evening before get off work. (A small cleaning + disinfection of the park is carried out at the end of the morning shift every day, and a comprehensive cleaning + disinfection of all areas should be completed at the end of the night, and the cleaning process will be It is broadcast live in the parent group of the park in the form of pictures or small videos, so that parents can check the cleanliness of the park at any time, and the message is that we are a clean and safe park).

The creation of this detail is also what some parents in our park have seen and experienced after they have arrived. They have been recognized by new and old customers for a long time and have gained a good reputation. At the same time, it also brings a certain level of youth in the park from Monday to Friday. Children "warm up the field." Here I would like to particularly emphasize the image of the employee's tooling and personal hygiene. We are operating amusement parks, so children and parents are more likely to be contacted. The most critical point for the service of this type of customer group is the creation of an employee's affinity. Some male employees do not pay much attention to personal hygiene, and work clothes are not changed for a long time.

The makeup and hair accessories of the female employees are too exaggerated, especially the darker and brighter lipstick, which brings customers a sense of alienation. As the "front" details of the park, parents will discount the "cleanness" of the park in their hearts. Cleanliness, hygiene, and safety are an important part of the park to give parents peace of mind to bring their children to the park, especially the part where the epidemic is still in a state of recurrence has become even more important. I have always believed in the service tenet: "Details determine success or failure. The broad "service" details in the field that all customers of the park perceive are inseparable from the store's sales." Through a period of time, every employee of the park (including management Level staff) repeated daily practice and supervision, and now everyone can take the “four diligence” as a work habit and bring it into the daily service work, so that every employee can well pass a variety of Ways to get in touch with new and old members, collect member information and sort it out, so that customers can re-sell them one by one with corresponding sales plans when they re-card their cards.

The service in this area is also a link to make your own park unique and bright. The so-called "hard" service includes skilled service skills, mastering the operation procedures and marketing methods of various daily work, and can promptly, effectively and flexibly push more "exclusive" sales plans for parents of different age groups to improve Customer turnover rate and effective customer conversion rate.

In addition, on the basis of solid marketing, try to be fast and not chaotic, answer customer inquiries quickly and accurately, and analyze the pros and cons of a sales push program for customers in a timely and efficient manner. To prevent customers from having doubts or regretting consumption after reaching an effective sales transaction on the basis of not understanding their own gains and losses, leading to unhappiness and loss of customers caused by the psychological gap between customers and the paradise.