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How does the children's playground increase its turnover?

                                                                                                                  How does the children's playground increase its turnover?

Children's playground is a popular project, but also a relatively special project; the special one is that it faces a relatively narrow customer group, mainly for preschool children. It seems that the audience is limited. In fact, the market facing the children's playground is the focus of the whole society. Educating the new generation, cultivating and nurturing the new generation has become the main theme of the society, so the children's playground is the first. The current market demand for the children’s industry is very large. The development prospects of the children's playground project are very optimistic, but because of the high demand and the increasingly fierce competition among the peers, the problem facing the operators is how to increase the number of visitors and increase the turnover; then let's take a look!

1. There is a market for projects for young children. In general, the profit time of children's playgrounds is concentrated on holidays, winter and summer vacations, or in children's spare time. In the rest of the time, because the children go to school, there is still a lot of free time. In order to make the time spent in this period not wasted in vain, operators can find ways to absorb 1-3 years old preschool children. In the middle of the week, the children have nothing to do at home, and grandparents often take them to the streets. Then our operators can formulate corresponding activities for this part of tourists. Combining with the physiological characteristics of such young children, a series of enlightenment games are provided to attract them. The more classic projects include baby swimming pools, building block playgrounds, ocean ball pools, and naughty castles. These equipment are tailor-made for young children.

2. Merchants join forces. The daily promotion of children's playground is a daily means to increase traffic, but it is pale and weak just to promote it by yourself. Even if it is promoted by various platforms, it still has its limitations. Our operators can promote each other's projects by cooperating with businesses in related industries. In this way, we can not only open up promotion channels, but also expand the influence of our children's playground and attract more potential users.

3. Cooperate with schools. Monday to Friday are usually free time in the children's playground. We can use these free periods to cooperate with the school. For example, if the school has activities in the park, we can provide them with equipment. If there are off-campus activities, we can also attract school students to our children’s playground to do activities. In this way, we can make full use of the utilization rate of the equipment during the break period. The income of the children's playground has increased a lot.

Children's playgrounds are mainly aimed at young children. In a limited time of the day, how to efficiently use those spare time to increase sales is a good way to increase sales of children's playgrounds. Operators should broaden their horizons, diversify their thinking, and do not confine themselves to a certain method. In fact, there are many profitable methods that can be used; these are good ideas for enriching the income of children's playgrounds.