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The daily inspection of the children's playground needs to pay attention to these aspects

                                                                                                               The daily inspection of the children's playground needs to pay attention to these aspects

Safety is the stepping stone for the operation of children's playgrounds. When operating indoor children's playgrounds, children's safety must be the first priority. In order to avoid potential safety hazards during the operation process, the maintenance and inspection of daily equipment is something that the children's playground needs to pay attention to before the daily operation. As an operator, what are the precautions for the daily equipment inspection of the children's playground? Let's find out more specifically.

1. Inspection and repair of the appearance of the soft package. In order to ensure the safety of children in the process of playing, many amusement equipment in the indoor children's playground are designed with soft bags. These colorful soft bag shapes, before being worn or scratched, can indeed prevent children from bumps and injuries during the play.
In the daily operation of the park, once the soft bag is worn or scratched by sharp objects, exposing the hard material (multi-layer density board or galvanized steel pipe) inside, it will cause unnecessary safety hazards. Therefore, if the soft package is found to be damaged during the daily inspection, it must be repaired in time.

2. Check the screws and equipment connections. Some electric equipment in the children's playground, such as animal carousel, mushroom swivel chair, etc., have mechanical parts, and the connection between parts is usually composed of gears and shafts. To extend the service life of such equipment and avoid potential safety hazards during use, routine maintenance is very critical. Mechanical lubricating oil should be added to the equipment connection frequently to avoid rust.
In addition, it is also necessary to frequently check whether each connection part is loose or the screws are dropped. Once the screws are found to be loose, they must be tightened in time to avoid accidents.

3. Check whether the line is safe and whether the equipment can operate normally. The lighting fixtures and electric amusement equipment in the children's playground are inseparable from electricity, so the overhaul of the circuit is also indispensable. In addition to checking whether the wires are aging and damaged, it is also necessary to check whether various electric amusement equipment can operate normally before opening every day, so as not to affect the normal game experience of the child, or even bring harm to the child.

Therefore, operators of children's playgrounds should regularly check and repair circuits, and focus on investigating and rewiring areas with hidden dangers. If unsafe factors are found in the equipment, you should stop playing in time and check and maintain it to avoid potential safety hazards.

4. Pay attention to the cleaning of the surface of amusement equipment. For children's playground operators, ensuring that children can play happily in a safe, comfortable and hygienic environment is what every children's playground operator must do. Pay attention to the sanitation and cleaning of the children's playground and escort the health of the babies, so that parents can feel relieved and boldly bring their children to play.

In daily operations, regular cleaning and disinfection of the activity room, floor, wall and activity areas of the children's playground, such as cabinets, soft bags, toys, equipment and facilities, and ocean balls, are carried out in the children's playground. Indoors should also be ventilated frequently, and ultraviolet rays are used for disinfection every day