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Mobile rainbow slide
Mobile rainbow slide
Mobile rainbow slide
Mobile rainbow slide

Rainbow slide

Lane:Single lane or double lan
Capacity:1or 2 person per ski rings
The rainbow slide includes the main material rainbow dry snow slider, the auxiliary material includes the protective edge, expansion bolt, buffer lawn, anti-collision protection, etc. lock up.
Project supporting services also include safety warning signs and guide signs, main visual design and installation, ticketing equipment and ticket gates and other optional equipment.
1. Project packaging and decoration
(1) Slideway decoration
(2) Isolation area decoration
(3) Decoration in the buffer
(4) Departure area decoration
(5) Peripheral decoration

2. Project design principles
1. Adjust measures to local conditions
The principle of the rainbow slide project is that it can adapt to various terrains, and construction can be carried out on hillsides, grasslands and flat ground. However, when selecting and designing the project site, it needs to be carried out according to the actual conditions of the topography and surrounding environment in accordance with the principles of cost saving and good construction. Design, our new generation of rainbow slides does not require foundation concrete hardening during the construction process, and does not damage the original foundation at all, which can make investors no longer worry about the construction hardening index, save the cumbersome and lengthy approval process, and can build a safe, reliable, Lower cost rainbow slide entertainment.
2. Scale planning The construction scale of the project, the number of slides, and the type of slides need to be scaled according to the number of peak tourists in the scenic spot, the volume requirements of the scenic spot for the project and the area of ​​the site.
3. Safety design The design of the project puts safety in the first place, and the sliding speed control, flying height, stopping position and various climatic conditions ensure that tourists can glide safely.
4. The design of the scale, type and degree of stimulation of different competition projects needs to consider the competition of similar projects in surrounding scenic spots, and carry out differentiated design in terms of the volume, gameplay, and degree of stimulation of the project.
5. Internet celebrity attributes Rainbow Slide is an Internet celebrity project with its own traffic. It has a high reputation and a large number of fans on short video apps such as Douyin and Kuaishou. In the specific project design, the Internet celebrity attributes should be considered. There are lucrative slides that can carry a large passenger flow, and safety aspects must also be taken into account.
At present, the colorful slides in the scenic area have become an indispensable item for tourists. The reception is large, and the experience and reputation of tourists are very good. Rainbow slides operate without seasonal restrictions, temperature restrictions, and geographical restrictions.
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