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How can children's paradise be reduced to Tang monk meat


How can children's paradise be reduced to "Tang monk meat"

With the acceleration of the transformation of the real economy, traditional shopping malls have become the first choice for children's playgrounds due to their advantages such as open space, superior geographic location, and stable passenger flow. The merchandise sales areas of many shopping malls have long been transformed into children's theme amusement parks such as karts, cute pet houses, building block spaces, and sand digging. Shrewd businessmen deeply understand the meaning of the business golden phrase "children make good money". For a time, the children's paradise seemed to have become "Tang Monk Meat", blooming everywhere in the commercial centers of major cities.

The children's playground has a small investment and a large return. A few staff members, a pile of cassia seeds, a few plastic kegs, a few plastic shovels, and some marine-style decorations can form a children’s "sand" playground that charges about RMB 80 per hour. An inflatable swimming pool, a few fishing rods, a few buckets, and a dozen catties of small goldfish are a children’s fishing park that charges 40 yuan per hour. Parrots, pigeons and poultry can create a "bird" park with 50 yuan tickets and 25 yuan for 50 grams of feed... Children are free to move inside, parents bow their heads to play with their phones outside, and the staff is overwhelmed. Now many children's parks A true portrayal of business

I remember that in my childhood, I often heard a word called "education through fun", which does not need to be explained too much, but to allow children to gain something from "playing". In this regard, I would like to make a few suggestions on how to enrich the "connotation" of the children's playground.

First, the relevant departments should increase the supervision of children's playground projects in order to curb the current situation of the mixed industry caused by the low barriers to entry
. Strict inspections should be conducted on the operators’ qualifications for running parks, and there should be clear inspection methods and data indicators as constraints for environmental sanitation, animal epidemic prevention, equipment safety, and even indoor air quality. It also requires the garden operator to provide detailed emergency handling plans, involving the handling methods after fires, natural disasters, sudden diseases, violent injuries and other incidents occur.

Second, the qualification requirements for the practitioners of the children's playground. Due to the particularity of the children's playground serving as minors,
careful review should be carried out when recruiting staff, and detailed investigations should be conducted from physical health to criminal history. And formulate corresponding qualification assessment items for practitioners. For example, the staff of the water park should have first-aid qualifications; the staff of the art experience park should have the corresponding art level certificate; the pet park should give priority to veterinarians or animals. Personnel with academic qualifications shall be employed. "Front-end" management and control of operational risks can not only ensure the safety of child participants, but also maintain the healthy development of the industry.

Third, more practical scenarios should be given to children's playgrounds. It is true that simply digging sand, feeding cats, and fishing can bring happiness to children, but if some "connotation" is added, children can learn etiquette, learn knowledge, and learn common sense of life in situational games. For example, an immersive children's amusement park with the theme of "traffic participation" is worthy of "like". Children participate in the game as participants, or play the role of a traffic policeman, or a driver, or a postman. In the game, children can learn about traffic rules, traffic lights, road signs, and the use of emergency telephones.