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What is the "charm" of the children's playground


                                                                                           What is the "charm" of the children's playground?

With the improvement of residents' consumption level, parents and children have an increasing demand for children's entertainment, and children's playgrounds have also flourished. Nowadays, the reputation in the market is getting better and better. Compared with the traditional children's parks in the past, the current children's parks pay more attention to playability, experience and service quality. But I believe that many people will have such a question in their hearts, why is the indoor children's playground so popular now? What kind of charm exists? Next, let's analyze it.

1. Meet the needs of children's physical and mental development. Why is it said that children's playground is the need of children's physical and mental development? The reason is that play is a requirement for children's physical and psychological development, as well as a requirement for the overall development of children's physical, intellectual, moral, and beautiful.

The "Guidelines for Kindergarten Education" (for trial implementation) pointed out: "Kindergarten education should respect the personality and rights of children, respect the laws and learning characteristics of children’s physical and mental development, and use games as the basic activities. There are actions, plots, toys and games in games. The materials conform to the characteristics of children’s cognition, can arouse children’s interest and attention, stimulate children’s positive perception, observation, attention, memory, thinking, imagination, etc., and promote children’s development in a relaxed and happy atmosphere."

It can be seen that children's love for games is not only a reflection of physical and mental characteristics, but also a need for physical and mental development. Therefore, games play a very important role in the harmonious development of children's body and mind. We should let children experience fun in training, learn to share, and learn knowledge that cannot be learned in books.

2. The amusement equipment is designed according to the characteristics of children. The concept of freedom to be expressed by the children's playground runs through the development of the product, whether it is the development of style or intelligence, it is more refreshing than other toys on the domestic market, and it meets the needs of the new generation of urban consumers and children.

The children's amusement equipment project is designed according to children's characteristics, and through scientific three-dimensional combination, a children's activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzles and fitness is formed, which puts children in a thrilling, safe and secure amusement environment.

It is beneficial to give full play to vitality and imagination, while having fun, the body can be exercised; it is beneficial to improve children's psychological qualities such as unwilling to lag behind and courage to explore, so that children can grow up healthily and happily; it is also beneficial to cultivate children's bravery , Tenacious and unyielding personality, exercise speed, strength, balance and coordination and other qualities, and then achieve the function of strengthening the body, strengthening the brain and improving the intelligence.

3. Strong tolerance. The characteristics of children’s amusement equipment are combined with regional customs, personalized aesthetics and traditional culture. The fusion of theme products can be designed according to customer site requirements through product design and related supporting systems, which can be large, small, or It can be of irregular shape. The market is usually rectangular. If the venue is special, it can also have different shapes.

In order to achieve the effect of a personalized children's playground, in addition to allowing children to improve their psychological and physical qualities while playing, they also successfully implant parent-child education, national culture and other concepts.

4, a comfortable environment. In the indoor children's playground, we can always see children playing happily, and parents chatting with each other about their parenting experiences. Not only did the children get the experience, the parents also got more knowledge about parenting and the parents' "educational quotes" in the chat with other parents. Parents are more willing to take their children to play in the indoor children's playground in their spare time.
Children’s physical and mental health has always been a concern for parents. How to protect children’s safety while enhancing their health is particularly important at this stage. The rise of indoor children’s playgrounds will undoubtedly bring to parents and children. A big surprise!

The broad development prospects of indoor children's playgrounds, I believe that in the future, the children's playground industry will develop better and better.