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How to deal with various emergencies in the park


How to deal with various emergencies in the park?

As the weather is getting colder, the business of the children’s playground is getting better and better, the passenger flow is large, and the emergencies and crises encountered in the operation process have also increased. For the operators, in addition to taking precautionary safety considerations In the face of emergencies, how to deal with and respond effectively is also a compulsory course for operators.

Facing customers' personal accidents
Personal accidents of customers in the park include accidental injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, electric shocks, and sudden syncope and shock caused by personal health problems. When encountering such situations, we recommend the following measures:
1. Start the emergency plan. When a guest faints due to a sudden heart attack, heatstroke, excessive fatigue, etc., you should dial 120 as soon as possible. If you do not have professional skills, please do not blindly rescue; be sure to lie down on your back, never move or elevate it. Neck, this will hinder breathing. If necessary, call the medical emergency number 120 to ask for help at the scene.

2. To soothe the emotions and take countermeasures according to the degree of injury. For general accidental injuries, we must first calm the customer's emotions, and check the injury status on-site to initially define the degree of injury. It takes time for the management staff to deal with customers' fall and bruises on the venue, and follow the policy of first treatment and then treatment; if the guests are bleeding and injured due to the facilities in the park, they should be escorted to the hospital as soon as possible, and compensation will be made according to the actual situation.

3. On-site protection. Protect the on-site evidence, take on-site photos or save surveillance video data; if there is the possibility of serious falls, dislocations, or limb fractures, you need to do on-site protection, and stop or shut down the running equipment as needed. Non-fractured casualties can be treated briefly on the spot, and those with fractures should not be moved easily to avoid secondary injuries. They will be comforted at the scene and wait for medical staff to come to the scene for treatment.

4. Collection of claims settlement materials. For the park that purchases public liability insurance, the store manager will contact the insurance broker as soon as possible, conduct on-site surveys and take photos according to relevant requirements, and keep relevant necessary materials (invoices, medical records, etc.).

Encountered disputes between customers
Playing in the children's playground, because of small conflicts between children competing for toys, it is also an inevitable emergency that evolves into a big conflict between parents. What should the staff of the park do?

1. Calm down the scene. First try to stop the two parties and separate them, and bring both parties to a quiet place for mediation in time.
At the same time, our employees must have someone to hug the child to calm the baby's emotions. Parents who are angry will feel it when they see it, reducing emotional deterioration; evacuate crowds of onlookers, calm the development of the situation, and ensure normal operation and good order in the park.
2. Check the monitoring. If the incident escalates to the need for on-site evidence collection or witnesses to testify, employees should immediately go to the background to check the monitoring record of the incident and ask the witnesses on the spot to make a brief record.
3. Call the police for help. After mediation, the two parties involved are still in contention. As the venue management party, the staff of the park should immediately call the mall security or dial 110 to report to the police for help.

Encountered customer complaints
Encountering customer complaints is an unavoidable thing for children's playground employees. How to deal with it cleverly?
1. Let customers talk and record the main points of the complaint. When a customer complains with a problem in a hurry, remember to let the customer vent, and listening is the best way. Letting the customer talk can eliminate the customer's anger, relax their emotions, and then calm the anger. In the listening process, understand the customer's mood, carefully record the main points of the customer's complaint, and predict the needs of the complaining customer.

2. Sincerely apologize to customers. An apology is a powerful weapon to calm down complaints against customers. Don't try to shirk responsibility or blame others. Remember, customers just want to solve the problem.

3. Seek help from others at the right time. If the complaining guest becomes difficult to control or directly threatens, the complaint handler should seek help: please leave the store manager, solemnly say to the customer "I would like to ask the store manager to talk directly with you", and exchange conversation partners after obtaining permission.

4. Give a suitable solution. It is our foundation to propose solutions to complaints from customers. If customers are still not satisfied with our solutions, ask customers for their opinions. If they cannot be resolved at the time, they must also respond to customers in a reasonable way.

Encountered theft from customers
1. Understand the situation. Make a calm analysis first to clarify the appearance, time and location of the stolen property. Ask the witnesses at the scene and try to return to the original route.
2. Check the monitoring. Check the monitoring, carefully observe the suspicious persons and behaviors at the scene of the incident and record them for monitoring and evidence gathering and witness gathering.

3. Record follow-up. If the search fails for more than 15 minutes, first record the detailed description of the lost item, as well as the customer's name and contact information, and ask the customer whether they are willing to contact the park to pick it up within a week if the park finds it for them.

4. Call the police for help. If the stolen items are valuables such as mobile phones, wallets or jewelry, please consult the customer and assist them to report to the police 110 for help. The park shall actively cooperate with the police to assist in obtaining evidence.

Encountered the separation of children's parents
For large children’s playgrounds, what should I do if the parents of children are separated?
Situation 1: Children whose parents cannot be found. First, calm the children’s emotions, ask the children’s names, and observe the characteristics of the children’s clothing. Older children can ask their parents’ mobile phone numbers for records; second, arrange for the park’s employees to broadcast within the park to find their parents. , And try to call their parents’ mobile phone numbers to get in touch. Finally, if the search fails for more than 15 minutes, first place the children in a safe place where they are supervised, and immediately check the surveillance to find and identify the parents, and call the police for help.

Situation 2: The child’s parent cannot be found. First, calm the parents’ emotions and learn from the parents about the characteristics of the missing children; secondly, arrange for employees to look for children in the park, and at the same time arrange for another employee to check the monitoring and look for children. Finally, if the search fails for more than 15 minutes, parents will be asked to report to the police for help. And leave the contact information of the parents and the names of the children for record processing.