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What is worth playing in the unpowered park


                                                                                      What is worth playing in the unpowered park?
In recent years, the outdoor unpowered children's playground has been liked by many parents and children, and it has triggered investors to see the business opportunities in it. Because of the difference between unpowered amusement equipment and traditional children's amusement park equipment, what are the unpowered amusement equipment? The following is your detailed analysis...

The slide is a classic children’s amusement project. Why can it be used alone as a category of unpowered amusement equipment? Because of the rapid development of unpowered equipment in recent years, the slide is no longer just stuck in the monotonous way of the past, from the integration of shape, volume and concept From the perspective of other aspects, the current slide equipment can be flexibly combined and deployed with other equipment to form an increasingly comprehensive amusement experience. For example, it can be combined with rope climbing to form a climbing, sliding and other experience together.

Trampolines have been introduced into amusement parks as a traditional sports event. In fact, there has been a long history. Aiming at the activity characteristics of children's groups, the current trampoline equipment has detailed differences. For example, the mini-type embedded ground trampoline can also be used for young children. The worry-free experience, as well as the larger trampoline that can accommodate many people together, parents can also participate in and experience together with their children to form an outstanding parent-child plaatmosphere.

The composition of climbing equipment is actually quite flexible. Many elements such as rope nets, rock climbing, tire walls, building blocks, etc. can constitute climbing equipment. Therefore, the specific methods of this type of amusement equipment are different and the degree of homogeneity is different. Relatively low, it is very suitable for all kinds of theme parks. According to its own theme, it is suitable for deployment. At the same time, it is used to more and more scenes. Not only parks, but also supporting areas such as scenic spots and communities can be flexibly selected.
Most of the large-scale equipment of non-powered parks are basically composed of these types of equipment, but the characteristics are that they need to be carefully designed and deployed. High-quality non-powered parks require more interesting single-product equipment and special concepts, which are combined with large-scale equipment. , Can constitute a perfect outdoor recreation experience.