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Swing Tree


Now popular rotary wishing tree is popular, and it is safe and  cheap, many customers have bought again to invest.

Electric rotary wishing tree bling swing tree amusement park rides flying chair

we have exported our rides to a lot of countries, most of our clients speak highly of our quality.

simple cheap  flying chair is a kind of large-scale amusement equipment of the gyro tower. Novel style, magnificent momentum, spectacular, interesting strong, into a thrilling and fun as a whole. With the rotation of the disk rises, visitors in the hanging seat with the rotary disc tilt and swivel relative rotation of the rotary center, fly up and down, how exciting, a party can experience the fun of it. The rotary flying chair is like a big umbrella which can shake the head and hang a lot of beautiful, delicate and safe hanging chairs. When the big umbrella rotates (or shakes the head), the hanging chair rotates in the air in a rolling manner. At this time the tourists who sit in the chair will  be  full of excitement, romantic feeling.