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Space aircraft

Cabin:6 Capacity:12 seats
Space aircraft, the design concept is a space science fiction series. On the top is a few planets around the space space station, standing on it as an alien monster, surrounded by 6 fighters, and I feel like a planet war. It belongs to the type of self -control. The aircraft rises with the joystick and pulls the aircraft head to rise back, and drops forward. Let the guests experience the feeling of driving the aircraft. The launch button has the sound of fighting planes and the sound of gunfire.
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Combat police

New amusement equipment mechanical police cockpit 360 degree rollover super fun amusement equipment mechanical police. The mechanical warfare police amusement equipment simulates the American X-man space war, with realistic modeling, strong visual impact, infinite reverie, cockpit safety design and increasing the sense of justice of the characters. Every detail is meticulously made. The key positions are connected with anti loose screws. The structure is firm but can rotate easily. Below the mechanical warfare police, multiple solid wheels roll left and right. The mechanical warfare police can turn whenever and wherever they want, 360 ° rotation, which is exciting and fun! roduct features: lights dancing with music; The 360 ° cockpit is surrounded and rotates with the cross bearing without center of gravity. No matter how adults and children rotate, you can sit in the cockpit. Let your night dance.